“Australia’s trap-soul queen.” – Complex Magazine

“Faces of music to watch in 2016.” – News.com.au

“Australia’s R&B superstar in waiting.” – The Interns

“ROMY is seriously one to watch!” – Howl And Echoes

“There’s no rest for this superstar in the making – so keep eyes peeled and ears pricked.” – Nerdy Frames

“Who wants a feisty new Australian act that perfectly blends pop and trap-led R&B like a boss?” – Press Play Ok

“She immediately draws you into the track with her steamy vocals and keeps you there with a chorus that brings the song to boiling point.” – The Interns

“ROMY has arrived on the scene in style, and something tells us we will be hearing a lot more from her for a long time to come.” – Purple Sneakers

“Brisbane’s rising superstar.” – Music Is My Muse

“ROMY is the last act of the night, she knows she has the largest audience. The dark haired beauty struts onto the stage as though it was made just for her. She wears a long black sheer dress, only underwear underneath, she’s confident and owns it. Her voice is clear and strong, her lyrics catchy and stage presence breathtaking. As she starts to rap, I know that this girl is seriously going places. Her set is powerful and I am completely captivated by her.” – Society Of Sound

“Brisbane/LA based R’n’B songstress, ROMY , adds more kindling to the already roaring fire that is her rise to fame with a self-directed dark & steamy video for debut single ‘Wild Heart’.” – Nerdy Frames

“We’re ready for a superstar and ROMY may just be the one we’re looking for.” – The Interns

“Mysterious, a little unnerving but totally enthralling, if ROMY ever decides that music isn’t her thing, it’s pretty clear from this clip that she is also a talented director. Completely capturing the dramatic nature of the track with this, ROMY has given extra depth to an already deep song, and made it incredibly interesting whilst doing so.” – Purple Sneakers